Friday, November 24, 2006

Tracy Biller's Teaches Networkmarketer's to go after their own market

The 30-Second Pitch - Tracy Biller's Newsletter

I know you heard of it. The real question? Does it work? I put that question to the test and i have to say out of 100 calls you will make contact with about 20-30 people who have been in networkmarketing or they are burned out and dont want to hear a word you have to say. Then there are those who score even higher, and achieve a consistent 40%, 45%, even 50% "yes ratio" when recruiting from MLM downline genealogy reports.

Does his training work? Yes. I listen to every training cd that Tracy Biller's teaches. I was excited to find out that he knew what he was talking about and wasnt just another wanna be guru trying to take the poor working man's money who had a star of hope in their eye.

One thing i was worried about when calling these geneology leads was The Do-Not-Call List. Tracey simply say's Do not worry. I put that to the test too. I had the same results and i would have to say they are better than calling an average leads.

As Tracy Biller's stated in that previous DNC newsletter, his opinion regarding the DNC List is that for most MLMers it is "business as usual."

In other words, don't worry about it.

Okay. Point Taken.

I find his approach to teaching your team to recruit MLM distributors, and not to waste their time recruiting family, friends, and opportunity seekers.

You teach them exactly what to do and you give them leads from a downline genealogy report you've aquired with the same script you have and then Then you turn them "Loose" to go build their downlines. What will this do for your bank account? Everything. You will actually get experienced serious people into your business that want to work MLM.

You will coach the coachable.

You have to get his training because i believe it really works. His approach is right on target and will actually help you build your business.

There is a right way and a wrong way to build your business. Never lie to your prospect. Never tell them your mo-jo juice will make them $10,000 a month and they should quit their job if they are serious at all about working at home.

Wrong attracts quantity, not quality (folks who buy into "wrong" pitches generally buy into all of them, and don't produce much nor stick around long).

Right attracts quality, but not quantity (those who are serious about building a long term business generally are turned off by hype). My advice is just dont even go there.

Build your business on Cement and not quicksand. Get Tracy Biller's Training and get on the road to having success in your business.

"If you go through your MLM career with blinders on, sooner or later you're going to get blindsided!"
-- Len Clements

Katherine Ahching
Marketing Domestic Diva Today Inc